Saturday, 21st January 2017
21 January 2017

Life Right Wellbeing Retreats

The whole emphasis of a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat is to move away from disease and illness into a better state of wellbeing by taking all of the different components of wellbeing and applying them to you, your lifestyle, history and aspirations and helping you to be healthier and more robust in the way you think, move, behave and interact with others.
With our good old NHS struggling to cope with the demands of our disposable, addictive sedentary lifestyle choices and the distinct lack of social care funding now and in our futures, we have to help ourselves to stay as fit and well as we can be, for as long as possible.
As humans, in general, we don’t ask for much and in our extensive studies we have found that the majority of us want the same...
Happiness is one important aspect: we tend to make better choices in life when we feel more content, calmer and at peace. Feeling healthier and having more energy is another, as we are more prone to get active, enjoy being out in the fresh air, socialise and get involved with community projects and helping others.
Revisiting the way we think, is a really cool way of challenging ourselves, our beliefs, unconscious responses and automatic thought processes, which can allow us to change, heal, achieve our dreams (everyone has to have a dream!) and re-envision our future, irrespective as to what life has dealt us.

Reducing our stress-load helps us to change our addictive and unwanted behaviours, improve our sleep, inform our more rational choices and stop that fight or flight response. We have all experienced that overloaded, permanently switched on adrenaline response, of a dodgy tummy, headaches, susceptibility to pain, fatigue, weakened immune system, foggy brain, low mood and disrupted sleep patterns, but what we often don’t do is join the dots between all of those symptoms and see how it is/has affected our “poor overloaded” body.
Maybe our thyroid reading has changed or our cholesterol is too high, or we are one of the many diagnosed with IBS (great generic term hey?), or we’ve developed intolerances and allergies to foods etc. All of a sudden we are that person who doesn’t feel well, looks older, aches when they move, grunts when they get up and suddenly feels very cynical about the world. Where did we go..surely this isn’t it??. Thankfully not, it is possible to rebuild you, if you have the will or even to hope to be different then a Life Right wellbeing retreat is ideal for you.
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