Awesome Weight Loss Results

Because a Life Right retreat is all about your own journey, each one can literally develop as each day unfolds because it’s you who drives the content under the guidance of leading psychotherapist and retreat creator Lilly Wickham. Perhaps this is another reason why people who come on a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat believe the retreat is all about them and their own issues. It is the skill and experience of Lilly Wickham that enables her to work on 10 people’s issues in the same workshops and for them all to leave with the tools to tackle what’s holding them back…!

On our last retreat, 7 of the 10 ‘retreaters’ said they wanted to lose weight. Not just physical weight but also visceral fat – that’s the fat that sits around your middle and over your organs thus increasing your chronic illness risk – fat that makes up your waistline or forms that ‘muffin top’.

During the last 4 night retreat, Lilly designed a meal plan for everyone (including those who didn’t want to lose weight) and across the 4 days, all those who wanted to lose weight did.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight in the past, you would have seen all the ‘lose weight quick’ plans which never work. Well here’s one that does and all of those retreaters are living proof that if you want to lose weight, a Life Right Retreat is the place to make it happen in a very impressive manner!

When you last tried to lose weight, how much did you lose?
Let’s ask another question, how much would you expect to lose over FOUR DAYS

On our last wellbeing retreat, 7 ladies lost a total of 25.5lbs… Of these ladies, two lost over 5.5lbs!
The important thing is they lost a huge 42.5cms around their waists between them.

One other lady who didn’t want to lose weight stayed the same, but lost 1.5 cms of visceral fat around her waist – IN JUST FOUR DAYS and without losing weight!

Now, before the idea of ‘juicing’ comes into your head, all our retreaters ate delicious whole foods with three meals a day. No-one had to go on a liquid-only diet. No-one had to be subject to any kind of ‘irrigation’ work… This was all achieved through ground-breaking expertise, plans and work with our retreat creator Lilly Wickham.

Wouldn’t you love to look fantastic with the Summer not that far away?

In April there is a FIVE NIGHT retreat. Imagine how much you could lose in 5 days and nights?

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Look at what else weighs 25.5lbs

28 tins of Baked Beans
21 loaves of gluten free bread
an average 16″ car tyre!
An average 2 year old toddler!
2 adult Maltese dogs!
two bowling balls!

Remember, this is in just 4 days

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve on a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat