Each day on your retreat, there is a period of ‘personal time’. You can spend this time exactly as you wish and most choose to take advantage of the expertise on offer by booking sessions with our practitioners.
Take a look through our list of extras available to retreaters on our retreats.
In addition to the extensive content of a Life Right retreat, you can tailor your experience with treatments, massage, consultations and therapies from our team. Once you have had your telephone consultation with Lilly, she will recommend which ones you should book – the rest is up to you!
Typical sessions are as shown below:

Treatment Duration £
One To One session: Psychotherapy 45 £70
One To One session: Hypnotherapy 45 £70
One To One session: EMDR 45 £70
One To One session: Couples Counselling 90 £140
Chiropractic Treatment 60 £100
Acupuncture Session 30 £55
Body Work 30 £55
Indian Head Massage 30 £30
Aroma-Hypnotherapy 45 £55
Reflexology Session 30 £30
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage 45 £40
Relaxation Massage 45 £40
Caci Ultra Treatment inc. skin peel 90 £145
Caci Non Surgical Facelift 60 £95
Eye & Brow Lift 30 £65
Acne Treatment 30 £65
Anti Ageing Treatment 45 £80
gAVC Session 20 £25
Cocoon Therapy 50 £15

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