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Welcome to our FAQ page… it’s quite normal to have lots of questions when considering coming on a retreat, so let’s hope we’ve got these covered on our FAQ page. Of course if there’s something we’ve missed, then you can get in touch with us via our contact page or by calling us anytime on 01256 465089.

When is the next retreat?
Click here to see what’s included and the available dates (as they change depending on bookings)

How long can I come for?
We run various retreats of 3, 4 and 5 day durations. Whilst we appreciate some might be restricted by either budgets or availability, to get the full benefit of our life-changing retreats, you can’t really ‘pop by’ for a couple of days and expect to see the same as those who are there for the duration, so take a look at our booking page and choose whether you come on a 3, 4 or 5 day option… naturally, the longer you come the better the results. During the initial consultation with retreat creator Lilly, she will identify what you seek to get out of the retreat and the best days for you to come.

I’ve had a look and can’t find any availability for the time I want to come
This doesn’t mean they are not running, it means they are not available. We think you’d rather receive a confirmation of your booking than someone telling you the date you want is not available, so if you cannot see a date or duration option, please select an alternative date. On the rare occasion, people do have to drop out, so if you want to go on the waiting list for a 1 day option, please use the contact form to get in touch

What therapies can I book?
We have a wide range of therapies including 1-2-1 sessions with Lilly for emotional therapies, couples counselling, bereavement counselling, weight loss, confidence, relationships, focus and relaxation. You can book with our chiropractor and activities specialist for physical issues, sports therapies, private coaching and acupuncture. Want to ‘relax to the max?’ book holistic massage therapies such as reflexology, Indian head massage, back, neck and shoulder massage and delightful aroma-hypnotherapy sessions for the ultimate in relaxation. You can browse our list of extra treatment sessions here

What’s included
You can see all the content here

Can I bring a friend?
Yes you can and if you want to share a room, they get a discounted rate too! You can select this on our booking form. (you can add a friend to your booking any time up until 72 hours before the retreat if we are to organise the travel or 24 hours if they are sorting out their own travel arrangements – subject to availability of course).

Can a friend join me for part of the time I am on the retreat?
No, this isn’t possible. For them to get the most out of the retreat experience and to maintain the dynamic of the group, we can not allow people to join half way through

How many people will be on the retreat?
It averages around 8-10 people. With such a large property it NEVER feels crowded or busy.

Who looks after us?
We have a number of people in the team including Lilly herself. We also have Ian our physical treatments expert, Richie who provides holistic treatments and manages the ‘back of house’ operations, plus there’s Steve who is there to help keep the ship afloat and on course to ‘relaxation island’. We also have additional therapists and team members to join us for certain aspects of your retreat.

How do I know what to do once I book?
Once we receive your deposit, your personal page will be activated. This will give you access to all the information you could possibly need including your travel itinerary, running order whilst you are there, financial information, what sessions are available to book (you can also book through this page too), what to wear, what to bring, what to leave behind and much more. You’ll be send a secure link to this page once you pay your deposit.

Will I need to arrange getting to the retreat?
No, we take care of all of that for you and send you a detailed itinerary in plenty of time before your departure date. We book all this for you – all we need to know is your nearest train station to sort this out for you.

Are there hairdryers in the rooms?
There are in some of them, so we would recommend bringing yours.

Is it true I won’t have my phone?
Yes. On a Life Right Retreat, you detox from many of the issues that have a detrimental effect on your life… one of them is the mobile phone and other devices which connect to the internet! When you arrive, you will give this up to us (along with the charger) and we will keep it safely until you leave, where we return it to you fully charged for the trip back.

What if someone needs to get hold of me whilst I am on the retreat?
We will provide you with a contact number for emergencies only. In our experience, we’ve had to wrestle phones off of some people before, yet when we go to give them back, they don’t want them!

I’ve read about the detox on the retreat. Will I be hungry?
It’s not about not eating, it’s about eating the right things. It’s actually quite unusual for retreaters to feel hungry!

How will I know where to be and when?
Our team will look after you and if you are booked on a 1-2-1 session, we will take you there when it’s your time.
At each mealtime, we update you on the forthcoming activities for the next part of the day. In addition to this, a list is always published at the Hydration Station as well as on your ‘Daily News’ newsletter delivered each evening to your room.

What is the 30 minute pre-retreat consultation for?
If you have not been into our practice before, Lilly will want to get a good insight as to what you want to get from the retreat, so we can tailor the experience to best suit your needs. She will also recommend what 1-2-1 sessions to book

When can I book the extra 1-2-1 sessions?
Once Lilly has recommended the ones to book, you can do this via your personal page on the website… (we’ll send you the link once you’ve paid your deposit). You can book these 2 weeks in advance unless you have upgraded your retreat experience, in which case you can book from 4 weeks before the retreat. Find out more about upgrading for just £25 per day here

What should I bring?
Your page will have all the info about what to bring with you…

Can I bring my Kindle to read?
So long as it does not have wireless connectivity, this is fine. You are not permitted to bring tablets or other similar devices

How do I get there?
We provide a free Travel Concierge service which will book your travel tickets and send you a full itinerary. You just pay the cost of the tickets which are often reduced when we book group rates.

Can I drive?
Unless you already live on the island, this is not recommended due to logistics… Also, when you come on a retreat, you want to relax and not have to be sat in traffic or have to concentrate on busy roads when you’ve spent all week learning how to chill out. We would recommend you take advantage of our bookings service and take the time to relax coming here and going home

Is smoking permitted?
It’s a health and wellbeing retreat so, no!

What about e-cigarettes?
Still no!

Will I need my passport?
No, the Isle of Wight is part of the UK so you will not need this.

Is there an age restriction?
We’ve had people in their 80s join us on the retreat… the youngest age really depends on the individual… a flexible rule of 21, although there are always exceptions to the rule and we may ask the younger person to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my dog?
You will benefit from your full attention being on our retreat programme, and not on the welfare of your dog, so it’s best if they go on a different holiday the same time as you.

What deposit do I need to pay?
£250 unless within 4 weeks when the full amount is due. All deposits are non-refundable.

Will I have my own room?
Unless you are coming with a friend with whom you wish to share or your partner, then yes.

What happens after the retreat?
You have 30 days email support from Lilly. Those who have purchase the UP!grade package are also entitled to 10% discount on all clinical sessions with Lilly, Ian and Richie for 30 days after the retreat. Full information will be provided to you on the retreat.

Do we get free time to relax?
Of course. There is ‘personal time’ every day and you can either book 1-2-1 sessions with our team or use the time in any way you wish

Do you have retreats all year round?
Whilst the retreats run throughout the year, they are not constant as Lilly also runs a wellbeing centre in Hampshire (where you are also free to visit her after the retreat). As you can imagine, they get booked up very quickly so don’t leave it too long before securing your place.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
You can call the team on 01256 465089. Speak to Richie.

What if I need to cancel?
Al deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel then you can do this any time. Up to 30 days you will forfeit your deposit. 30-15 days before the retreat and it’s 50% of the retreat place. 14 days or less and it’s the full fee, unless your place can be filled and then it’s 50%.

How can I book?
You can visit our booking page which always has the latest availability on it. Remember, with a typical maximum of 8-10 people on any retreat, the places go very quickly.

Is the ‘UP!grade’ package worth having?
For many, a retreat place is a VERY special treat and the UP!grade Package makes it even more so. The UP!grade Package offers a larger room, larger bathroom with bath as well as shower, inclusive transfers, the ability to pre-book 1-2-1 sessions with Lilly 4 weeks before the retreat (instead of 2) and a cool 10% discount for up to 30 days at Lilly and Ian’s wellbeing clinic in Hampshire. You can find out more about the UP!grade package here

Can I see the retreat programme?
Unlike most other basic wellbeing retreats, ours are not only built around the people who attend but continuously evolve to meet their needs too. Thus whilst we have a structure we work to, the exact retreat programme is subject to change to ensure your retreat experience feels personalised throughout.

Each day’s running order is published in your daily newsletter which is delivered to your room each evening when you go to bed.

Is there wi-fi?
No, and given that you won’t have any electronic devices to use the wi-fi, we’re curious as to why you would ask! (and we will search your bags and pockets for anything you shouldn’t have with you!)

What should I wear?
Whilst this will all be covered on your personal page in detail, generally we recommend clothes you will be most comfortable in. There is no dress code, any time. You are free to be around the house in your onesie if it makes you happy, although we would recommend sportswear for sessions such as yoga, tai chi and anything that involves going outdoors. A pair of walking boots or shoes is advisable, as is a waterproof coat. You don’t need to bring things like towels or bedding (yes, people have asked)

What are the cost of the extras we can book?
These will all be available on your login page – you can see a typical list here

What time should I arrive?
Your arrival time will be detailed on your login page and within the travel itinerary pack we send to you in plenty of time for your retreat.

How do we find the venue?
In the travel itinerary we provide a detailed schedule of how you get to our retreat. Click here to view an example. Once you arrive on the island, our shuttle service will collect you from the port, so it really couldn’t be easier.

If you have any other questions we’ve not covered on our FAQ page, please use our contact page or call us on 01256 465089

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('Bestie rates' are for 2 persons sharing one room).
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includes larger room with King size bed, larger bathroom with bath AND shower, fluffy robe to use during your stay, slippers, luxury toiletries and a 10% discount on all Life Right sessions for 30 days after the retreat (including Skype sessions). Cost just £40 per room per night. (£10p/n for a second person staying with you)

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