Take Time Out For You

Take time out for you… As in most cases where health is concerned, the US seem to be streets ahead with their attitude to looking after themselves. When you bypass the media image of excess food and obesity, the US has long since considered their psychotherapist (or shrink) a valuable person in their overall wellbeing toolbox and yes, the attitude over this side of the pond is catching up but when was the last time you asked your boss for a ‘mental health day’?

Often when you mention ‘mental health’ people conjure up these strange ideas of institutions and the like, yet they are happy to talk about feeling ‘burnt out’ or stressed without realising the association… How you think, how you act, how you respond and how you feel are all ‘mental health’ issues.

A great modern-day analogy once heard was… think of your mind like your mobile phone… if you were to only give it 20 minutes charge every day, what would happen… yes, eventually it would run out altogether and be of no use. And yet many of us do this to ourselves a lot of the time, only with our bodies, this has a negative impact on our physical wellbeing too.

You’ve heard about getting your Work/Life balance correct, yes? Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “Work to Live, not Live to Work”… either way the message is the same… life is about living and laughing, not being chained to a desk, standing on a commuter train or having a boss contacting you all hours. Here’s another one: ‘Prevention is better than cure’… don’t wait until you are ill before you take time off, take time off to prevent you from being ill.

Now, let’s take some time out for you

Come on a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat and Reset Yourself Mentally. Anxiety is an issue easily fed by working continuously and never taking time out. It’s all well and good taking a day out here and there to catch up on the jobs at home but that’s not taking time out, it’s just doing different work… If you push yourself too much at work, your brain starts to push back… ever had ‘brain fog’? Why do you think that is?

When we all ‘carry on regardless’ we don’t realise how far away from proper wellbeing we become. It’s only when you take proper time out for you such as on our retreats that you realise (and return to) your point of complete mental balance and relaxation. Of course, when you return to work you will be so much more productive, so, when it comes to telling your boss about coming, mention this to them!

Here’s another great benefit of taking time out from work – you rekindle your relationships, be it with your family, friends or partner. Spending quality time together, not when you are exhausted or stressed from work will help you strengthen your relationships – so why not bring your partner on the retreat with you… what better place to spend time with each other than in an oasis of calm?

Book in January and get a cool 10% off the cost of a 6 day retreat… You can use some of that money to pay for a cleaner whilst you are away!