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Life-changing holistic health retreats that offer innovative programs to help with stress, anxiety, burnout, trauma, depression, grief, pain & other related health conditions.

These include eating disorders, bowel issues, headaches, insomnia, addiction, fear of failure & autoimmune illnesses.


Think, feel & move differently. 

Change mood, habits, behaviours & beliefs. 

Feel happier, healthier & calmer.

Be stronger when dealing with stress, work, people & life.

"Don't settle for less. Believe in yourself & take control"

Your transformational package includes:

* Private en-suite accommodation
* All gluten-free freshly prepared meals
* Healthy fats & macro-balanced foods
* Unlimited caffeine-free drinks & natural fruit waters
* Health blends & shots
* Nutritional support: vitamins & supplements
* 1x 1:1 Psychotherapy or Life Coaching consult
* 1x 1:1 Postural/Neruomuscular assessment
* 1x Brain entrainment session
* 1x Massage treatment

* 5x Yoga classes
* 5x Meditation classes
* 2x Mindfulness classes
* 1x Breathwork class
* 1x Nutrition class
* 2x Psychoeducational workshops
* Activities & beach walks
* Full use of the venue's facilities including swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, large gym, dance/fitness studio, games area & large sunbathing area *

All this from just £1485

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"I have been on 12 other retreats before and no-one does anything like this, nor do they achieve the results you do either.  I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else" . Pamela, Glos.

Program For You


A personalised program especially for your needs.  Designed to treat, therapise & shift how your body & mind are working at the moment.  We use original therapy & treatment techniques that achieve results where others have failed.
If you feel ignored, disregarded or overlooked, this is the program for you.

Small Groups


Enjoy the intimacy of a small group environment where you are assured of individual attention from our health professionals who share their time with you either on a 1:1 basis or when engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation or workshops



Whether you choose to fly off to sunnier climes or opt for the beauty of the English countryside, be assured our hand-picked locations will offer nature at its best, foods that heal & treatments that work.

Check out the retreat page for info on availability.

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* facilities shown apply to a 5-night retreat in Portugal.  Other venues & retreats may vary.  Please see individual dates for specific program content.