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Lilly Wickham

Creator of Life Right Holistic Health Retreats
Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist


burn out life right retreats

It’s not just about ‘burn-out’ but understanding what
goes on underneath when you push yourself

Why do some people burn out and others power on like the proverbial ‘Energizer Bunny’ when in similar workplaces or under similar pressure?

We are all victims (or victors) of our thought processes about how we see ourselves.  Self-esteem is not just about how we value ourselves or the boundaries we put in place to protect our feelings and identity… It’s also about how we rate our abilities and knowledge against those around us in the workplace, whose opinion we value most and how we strive towards recognition and acceptance from specific people and situations.

Questions such as “why doesn’t my boss recognize me?” or “what do I have to do to be promoted?” “How long will it be before they realise I’m not good enough?” will sound familiar to those who are in risk of burnout.

These questions are embedded in how you see yourself and significant voice that ring in your head, negatively and harmfully.

If we valued ourselves and our abilities and knew we were special from a deeper sense within, then our best would feel and be good enough.  Next time you push yourself too hard and it affects your sleep, or you are over-irritable and drink/or eat or sleep too much in a bid to cope, think about what’s really affecting you, and instead of working hard at work, start working hard on yourself.

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