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What we do

Collectively, the health practitioners at Life Right have amassed 40 years worth of learning, research, clinical experience and patient discovery, from areas as diverse as Chinese medicine, meditation, family therapy, biochemistry, teaching, chiropractic, radiology, sports performance, psychopathology, corporate wellbeing, nutritional interventions and even triathlons and ‘Ironman’ competitions!

Having known and worked with each other for many years, we are family and chose to treat our patients and clients as part of our extended family, which means we will use our individual and collective skills and knowledge to help whoever we work with to achieve the very best they can be, with love and care.


When we first started out on our clinical journey, we never thought that we would be so privileged as to have helped over 2,500 fellow human beings. The residential option of creating retreats, was a natural progression from the clinical experience, moving from the sessional interventions to hour by hour, day by day interactions and knowledge that only comes when you share space with someone else

What followed was a chronic health and disease game-changer, a deeper more insightful way of treating psychological, emotional and physical issues and concerns.  That unfolded the more time we spent sharing life, time and daily tasks with our patients and clients. To observe and share allows us to move our natural medicine intuition onto another level of expertise, that can really help to get to grips with conditions that have been hard to treat, understand or break free of.

Once a breakthrough is felt and difference is experienced, the pay-back for us is seeing how life is transformed when pain, doubt, anxiety and stress resolves. Understanding, acceptance and liberation becomes the end result and a calmer, gentler focus pervades that will positively impact the life of others.

What’s not to like!

We will continue doing our little bit to help others and know that by doing this not only are we enriched by other’s stories, but that those stories evolve and when they do so, the energy and love that is expended is better for our planet than pain, bitterness, loneliness, hatred and jealousy.

If you feel the same as we do and would like to change your health status for the better then why not browse our retreats where you can not only see available dates, but program content, locations and more.

If you have any questions, you can either email us or, if you prefer a more immediate response, our livechat is usually available during extended hours daily.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

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