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Join our private health-based Retreat, specialising in psychological, emotional and physical concerns in




Sole occupancy £1,295
Shared occupancy £1,035


07 July 2019

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If you are looking for answers to health or psychological issues or you are frustrated and know you could achieve or be more, then a Life Right Retreat will make a difference to your quality of life, how you see yourself and the potential you can unlock within yourself.
A Life Right Retreat looks at every aspect of you as an individual, from how you breathe, think, move, ingest, interact and sleep.  We commit to helping you determine, or get to the bottom of any health issue that has been worrying you, or holding you back.

Our programme specifically caters for a new way for your body to be, from your brain down through your body to the tips of your toes.

We will investigate, listen, nurture, heal and support you to be healthier and happier than you have been for a while.   We use psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual and scientific methods to achieve this.

We will continue to support you so you can take this into your everyday life and be the best you possibly can be.

You are not alone and will become part of a community spirit that engenders wellbeing and believes that we are blessed to be on this planet to help each other and to exude warm, kind and healing energy around us.



Due to popular demand, we have added a further date at this historic venue, with its rich heritage and celebrity guestlist.

A key part of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, you can even get to sleep in the same room as Emma Thompson or Hugh Grant (although admittedly they won’t be there!)

Because every room is different, rates are different too.  You can see the list of available rooms by clicking the button below


The goal: to change your present psychological and physical status and to enhance your health for your future. Over 6 days, you will benefit from mind, body and soul cleansing, healing and detox from harmful influences. Our programme of cleansing and healing is devised by our Team of experienced health practitioners, led by Retreat creator, Lilly Wickham. Following a comprehensive pre-retreat consultation & assessment, Lilly will prepare your personal treatment programme and advise what treatments from our Team of professionals would suit your future health goals. Underpinned by the tenets of wellbeing, of whole foods, activity, community, nature, holistic therapies and workshops to educate and help you know more to look after yourself better



your history, life story and present status. We will use psychological evaluation, physical assessments, diagnostic equipment and any laboratory screening you may have. if not, this can be arranged via our preferred laboratory beforehand or included in your Retreat treatment plan
When you join us on your Retreat, we will use, comprehensive wellbeing and stress evaluations, a cardiovascular check, nutritional and metabolic diagnosis, breathing and postural analysis, neurobiological analysis, and self-reporting information to help you



The most effective indicator of successful treatment and therapy is the history and information that is gathered and the relationship of our Team with you. We commit to listen, hear, support and respect your wishes and goals for your future throughout our care for you.  We use, natural medicine through psychotherapeutic therapies, breathing, chiropractic, kinesiology, a nutritional and neurobiological prerequisite for successful therapy is a correct diagnosis



This is a total body and mind experience and is supported by the breathing, activity, workshops and nutritional programme that from Day 1 to 6 works holistically through your body, with every day programmed to achieve a specific health outcome



Your relationship with us is of the utmost importance to us. We will use all of our collective and individual skills, training and knowledge to care, treat and help you heal in a way that suits you and your lifestyle, for improved health and wellbeing

What's Included?

These are the basic inclusive elements of your healing package

Now you can choose an Add-On Module below that best suits your goals and treatment needs

  • Pre-retreat consultation
  • Creation of individual health plan
  • Bioimpedance analysis on arrival
  • Resting ECG test
  • Urine analysis
  • Initial Postural analysis imagery
  • 3 Psychological workshops
  • 1 Biomechanical workshop
  • 1 Psychoeducational workshop
  • 2 Breathwork workshops
  • 1 Nutritional Workshop
  • Daily group movement therapy
  • Daily group relaxation training
  • Inclusive excursions & activities
  • Use of sauna & jacuzzi
  • Accommodation & all meals

Add-On Modules

Our add-on modules enable you to customise your retreat experience

choose the one that best matches what you are experiencing or simply build your own treatment and therapy package

Stress Fatigue & Loss

Trauma, PTSD & Fear

Acute & Long Term Pain

& Anxiety

Injury &
Poor Movement

Weight Loss & Addiction

Essential Wellbeing


Build your own Retreat treatment package


you can save up to 30% EACH when you bring a friend or partner


We are delighted to have been instrumental in the transformational changes experienced by those who have come on a Life Right retreat.


This is just one of many clips from people sharing their positive experience


You can find more clips on our testimonial page here


did you know life right retreats

Each retreat place starts with a blank sheet and your entire retreat experience is built by retreat creator Lilly Wickham to address your presenting issues and work with you to make your health and wellbeing goals achievable

To book, please click the button below.

All bookings require a non-refundable deposit of £250.

The balance of your retreat package is due 6 weeks before arrival, or at the time of booking if you book within 6 weeks.

The treatment costs are payable at the end of the retreat.

Each retreat is made up of the main retreat package + a treatment package.  Each retreat place includes a pre-retreat consultation with Retreat creator Lilly Wickham, who will advise you of the best treatment package to help you achieve your goals and deal with the issues you are currently experiencing.

We will advise you of the train you need to catch to meet our shuttle to the retreat.  If you would prefer us to take care of the booking for you, this can be taken care of for an additional £49

If you wish to discuss coming on the retreat, please use the livechat link in the bottom right of the screen, or call us if you prefer.