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Life Right cares for people holistically, providing psychological & physical healthcare to those who are feeling less than their best, to those who want a second opinion and to those who would rather investigate and treat the cause of the problem, instead of medicating the symptoms.

Within our wellbeing hubs in Chineham and Theale, we can help those suffering from acne, addiction, anxiety, back pain, bereavement, chronic pain,  confidence, depression, fertility issues, headaches, insomnia, migraines, morale, motivation, panic attacks, period pain, sinus pain, sleep issues, trauma,  weight issues and more.

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Coming to see us?

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We offer 6-day residential holistic health retreats, offering respite from life's treadmill & 6 days in the company of health experts who will help transform your life


Clinical sessions available for 1:1 appointments with our Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist in our Hampshire based wellbeing centre

Health Seminars

The same expert practitioners who offer treatments & therapies in our wellbeing centre and residential retreats also run 3-day health seminars where you can also book 1:1 sessions

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It takes less than 2 minutes to set up an online profile and book an appointment with any of our practitioners.  Click the button to start the change in how you are feeling

The Ultimate Transformation


Close the laptop, switch off the phone and spend 6 days in the company of our experts, helping to move you from your current psychological or physical status to one ranging from greatly improved to completely transformed.

Back in 2014, our lead practitioners identified both a noticeable increase in the sustainability of treatments received and the tolerance levels of those who attended, as we relieved them of their stress, anxiety and other issues holding them back, giving them the tools to continue upon their return to be the version of themselves they'd been hoping for.

Through direct & clinical research we have shown time and again that our residential programs offer substantially more benefit
than regular clinical sessions, interrupted by what happens and work, at home and in life generally.

Our clients also tell us that they offer distinct advantages over other retreats too

A Life Right retreat resets your 'level of norm' to where it should be - helping you to feel better, make better choices and be less stressed by things that happen to you and what others 'drop in your lap'.

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