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This retreat is for you if you are experiencing anxiety, stress, excess worrying, burnout and fatigue, or any of the symptoms associated such as palpitations, migraines, IBS, high blood pressure and sleep issues.

Anger, regret, shame, guilt & feeling sad are all typical feelings associated with anxiety.


Presented by inspirational life coach & clinical trauma psychotherapist Lilly Wickham & her team.

See how we can help

An Anxiety Retreat that can really help

You know when you have reached breaking point, when simple tasks, thoughts and actions seem too much.  You know when your mind races and you have very little clarity or focus and your sleep is disrupted.

Stress, worry, upset & illness can all contribute to these symptoms.  Good news!  We can help...



This Mind Modelling retreat teaches you ways to take back control, calm & focus your mind and concentrate on what is important to you.  This stress relief retreat is the place that can help you without medication.

It's full of tips, tools and essential info.



Learn Coping Mechanisms to reduce stress and anxiety

Just like any other part of your body, your brain can be trained to work more efficiently, to be more structured, more efficient and more in control, leading to less stress, less or no anxiety, better sleep, better health and better relationships.

This 3-day retreat will show you coping mechanisms & ways to model your mind into the muscle you need to function more efficiently, both mentally & physically.  
Clinical Trauma Psychotherapist Lilly Wickham and her team each have more than 20 years experience in treating stress. 

On this 3-day Mind Modelling Retreat they will walk you through the '7 Wonders of Emotional Health' - which are indeed a wonder when you know how to achieve them in your busy life.   

Learn how to navigate the terrain of your life, break through your own limitations, remove doubt, calm sabotaging behaviours, increase energy, refocus your mind and start to enjoy the challenges of your life again.


BEWARE... This retreat is effective, powerful & intense over the time we share together.    We are experienced, whole person health practitioners that share a joy of love & human peace & contentment.  We gladly offer our clinical experience & knowledge to help you achieve a more robust, emotional health landscape and effective tools for ways to beat stress & anxiety.

A NEW YOU... The '7 Wonders of Emotional Health' is an effective program that looks at every important aspect of you and your life.   This helps you to feel & react in a calmer, more positive way to the stressors in your relationships with others and yourself.    

We combine our clinical knowledge with the latest research in neuroscience, biopsychosocial evidence & longevity studies.




The '7 Wonders of Emotional Health' model is used on a daily basis by Lilly & her team in a clinical setting and in our 3, 4 & 6-day intensive retreats.  It has yielded amazing results for thousands of people that we have been privileged to work with.  view testimonials


Lilly offers one-to-one sessions on these retreats for those who feel a privately focused session woudl be of benefit to them.  It's the jewel in the crown of the retreat - make sure you don't miss it.

You can book these when you secure your place.

If you experience any of the following, come join our community...
anxiety, fatigue, executive burnout, stress, high blood pressure, anger, regret, shame, guilt, lack of motivation, headaches, tension or sleep issues

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10:30:  Event check in opens for those with priority access
11:00:  Refreshments
11:45: Introduction to '7 Wonders of Emotional Health'
13:00:  Immunity Lunch
14:00: Mind Modelling (1)Self-Mind
15:30: Hydrate
15:45:  Mindfulness
16:15:  Energy Flow
16:30:  Meditation
17:30:  Book 1:1 sessions, use the spa facilities or take time out for you
18:30:  Brain Food
19:30:  Mind Modelling (2):Worth
20:40:  Energy Flow
20:45:  End of Day 1





07:45:  Yoga / Pilates
09:00:  Buffet Breakfast
09:45:  Mind Modelling (3): Relationships
11:00:  Hydrate
11:15:  Senses Therapy
11:45:  Energy Flow
Book 1:1 sessions, use the spa facilities or take time out for you
13:00:  Gut health lunch
14:00:  Mind Modelling (4): Intimacy
15:15:  Energy Flow Activity/Creative
16:00:  Hydrate
16:15:  Meditation
17:30:  Energy Flow Activity/Creative. 
18:30:  Gut:Brain Food
19:30:  Mind Modelling (5): Self-Body
20:45:  End of Day 2





07:45:  Yoga / Pilates
09:00:  Buffet Breakfast
09:45:  Mind Modelling (6): Self - Ego
11:00:  Hydrate
11:15:  Meditation & Breathwork
11:45:  Hydrate
Book 1:1 sessions, use the spa facilities or take time out for you
13:00:  Cardiac Lunch
14:00:  Mind Modelling (7): Personal Space
15:00:  Nutritional Blend
15:10:  7 Ways To Affect Positive Change
15:35:  Hypnotherapy/visualisation for change reinforcement
16:00:  End of Event

17 - 19 APRIL

Hampshire, UK


28 - 01 JUNE

Hampshire, UK


07- 10 AUG

Hampshire, UK


14 - 16 NOV

Hampshire, UK


VENUE: Marwell Hotel. Winchester. SO21 1JY

The best event I have been to

Reason for attending:  stress / burnout

I had been suffering with stress both at work and at home.   My tolerance levels were getting less and less and I felt I spent more time arguing with my family than anything else.
Going to 'Mind Modelling' helped me in so many ways, and gave me the tools to be able to function and feel better.  If you are stressed, anxious or burnt out, book on this event.  You will feel so much better in just 3 days. 

Just brilliant!

Reason for attending:  stress / anxiety

This event was well thought out and presented and the bonus of being able to book one to one sessions with the expert team on site made a big difference.  I was able to work through a lot of the issues I was having at work and have found since returning to my job, I am happier and more productive.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needed help with stress.

An abundance of knowledge

Reason for attending:  burnout / sleep / anger

I found managing a team of sales people a lot harder and with considerable pressure to hit targets I was working all hours & couldn't sleep properly.  After coming on this Mind Modelling event, it was like a dark cloud had been lifted.  I was able to achieve more in a day, my time was more productive and the team noticed a difference in me as their manager.

I have booked all of my team to attend future events as they are simply brilliant and worth every penny.


To deliver the complete experience at this retreat, this is your opportunity to work on a one-to-one basis with Lilly Wickham so she can directly focus on what is holding you back right now, whether it's anxiety, fatigue, a lack of motivation, burnout, high blood pressure, headaches, sleep issues, or over-processing.

Working with Lilly can give you clarity of thought, work through mental blockages that are stopping you functioning at your best (or even close to it) and give you the tools to go forward in your life with a renewed passion, focus, and knowledge that "I've got this..."

One-to-one opportunities to work with Lilly on our retreats are strictly limited and you are advised to book your sessions when you book your place.  You can book up to 3 consultations with her.

When we receive your booking, one of our team will contact you to discuss your reasons for booking with Lilly to ensure you have booked the right number to help with what you are experiencing.  

Maximise your potential by booking a one-to-one consultation with Lilly on this Mind Modelling event.  

Book these sessions when you book your place on this retreat.


Lilly: The most knowledgable person I have ever met

I found the event captivating and working with Lilly on a 1:1 basis took it to another level. She is incredibly knowledgable and is the one person I feel who really understood what I was going through.  Now if I have any kind of issue, she is the only one I would contact.


You MUST take this opportunity

I wasn't going to miss the chance to work with Lilly on a 1:1 basis and found the experience over 2 sessions enlightening & more beneficial than years of seeing anyone else.  Don't miss your chance to work with her.


Event Pricing

Full Access Ticket


Full access to retreat program

Yoga Classes

All Psychotherapeutic workshops
Meditation Classes

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Spa access

Comfortable accommodation

Priority access

Dual Full Access 


Full access to program for 2 people

Yoga Classes

All Psychotherapeutic workshops
Meditation Classes

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Spa access

Comfortable shared accommodation

Priority access

4 DAY EVENT = £795 / COUPLE/FRIENDS = £1325


after which you will be taken to the payment screen

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When you submit this form, you will be taken to the secure payment page.


Book your place on these awesome Mind Modelling events. Just complete the form, pay securely and your tickets will be emailed to you by return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can this retreat help me with?

This event is ideal if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, executive burnout, fatigue, lack of motivation, high blood pressure, headaches, sleep issues, over processing, anger issues or teeth clenching.

How many people attend?

We work with smaller groups so our team can offer individual attention to each attendee

Is Lilly there in person?

Absolutely!  It's is Lilly's event she has put together with her team and she is committed to being there to help you through what you are experiencing

How can I book one-to one sessions?

You can do this via the booking form or any time leading up to the event.  Please note that these get booked up quickly so you should do this as soon as possible

What one-to-one sessions are available?

You can book:

  • One to one consultation with Lilly Wickham (£100)
  • Craniosacral treatment with Dr. Ian Wright (DC) (£70)
  • Acupuncture session (£50)
  • One to One Meditation coaching (£40)
  • Neuro Engineering: Brain Entrainment session (£40)

What time is registration on the first day?

Registration is done online by completing the form and paying your fee.  Check in for Priority Pass clients is from 10:30 with the event starting at 11:45.  Day Pass holders may check in from 11:30

What do I need to bring?

Everyone must bring their e-ticket along to registration. If you don’t have your e-ticket you will not be able to register; this is your entry into the event.

Please print your e-ticket and bring it along to the event.

We would also recommend bringing:

  • A pen & notebook - there will be lots you will want to write down
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes suitable for walking outside (walking boots or similar)

We provide yoga mats, so, unless you want to bring one, you don't 'need' to

When will I receive my ticket?

This will arrive no later than 7 days before the event.  If you don't receive it, please contact us via email or call the helpline on 020 7112 8207

What's the difference with the ticket options?

The Priority Pass ticket gets you access to all of the components of the 3 or 4 day program.  A 'Day Pass' is limited, typically from 10:00 - 17:30, so you do not have breakfast or evening meal or take part in the morning yoga/pilates, evening meditation or extra workshop sessions.  You can see from the running order what you miss only having a Day Pass ticket.

I've never done yoga before. Will I be OK?

Of course. Chances are, even those who have will not have experienced it quite like this.  There are a great many types of yoga and our classes on the Mind Modelling events are all designed to a beginner level, with the option for those who regularly practice yoga to opt for a more advanced program.

Can you cater for all dietary requirements?

Yes, this is no problem.  Please advise us via the booking form where it says 'special needs'.

Are all areas accessible?

Yes.  There are lifts available to all areas.  Please indicate on the booking form if you have any specific accessibility requirements.

Can I bring a carer?

Yes.  If they are sharing your room, we suggest booking the 'bring a friend' ticket, as this will be the most cost-effective way.

What is the minimum age?

Whilst there is no fixed rule, we would suggest 21 years and over

Is there anything I cannot bring into the event?

We do not permit any of the following

  • mobile or electronic devices (phones may be brought in but must be switched off) 
  • alcohol or canned drinks
  • cigarettes of any kind
  • drugs
  • animals (with the exception of service/guide dogs)
  • anything likely to cause disruption or harm
  • recording devices of any sort