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The importance of physical & mental health

When we are young, we are taught to stay physically well.  We're taught to eat the right foods and exercise to be healthy.

Who told you about mental health, or how one can impact the other?  Around 17m people in the UK experience mental health issues every year - that's 25% of the population.

Despite the long held thought by the NHS that physical & psychological health is unconnected, there is an increasing awareness in the scientific community of the link and how issues with either can seriously affect the other.  We have known about this for some time now and our holistic approach tackles this head on

To maximise your overall health & wellbeing, it is essential that issues such as GAD, anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, addiction and PTSD are addressed and treated

We take it to the next level, focusing on the mind-body-gut connection


Our psychological experts provide the needed support and 1:1 consultations to address unresolved traumas or painful emotional events that may be contributing to your current issues. 

Our physical experts also work to change your physical and neuromuscular pathways to maximise your transformation and wellbeing.

Our nutritionalists and chefs create bespoke menus to repair your gut (did you know poor gut health can also cause anxiety?) using whole foods, free of gluten, refined sugar and preservatives, as much of the vegetables and fruit is grown on site.

What our guests think

We've lots of feedback from those who attend our retreats on our testimonials page.  Click this video for a sample of how our retreats change people's lives


A different world in our private resort just 2.5 hours from the UK.  
The perfect place to rediscover the better you


Various UK locations, each chosen for its privacy, tranquility and space for you to grow & change your life


If you are searching for answers to health or psychological issues or you want to learn how you can achieve or be more like your true self, then a Life Right Retreat will make a huge difference to your quality of life. With full support from a dedicated team of professionals you will learn to unlock your full potential.

With years of proven success, a Life Right Retreat is the first choice for effective and sustainable results.

Every retreat is unique because, just as the treatment packages are tailored to each individual, so is the content of each program, deliverd by some of the highest credentialed professionals with an average of 20+ years expertise in their field, many of whom have been with the Life Right team for more than 18 years.  Our programs have been proven to be clinically effective through decades of research & clinical experience.

Each all-inclusive retreat includes all 1-1 sessions, nutritionally managed cuisine, psychological, educational and nutritional workshops as well as activities and excursions, yoga and meditation classes, plus full use of the venue's facilities which can include pool, gym, studio area, sauna, games area, sun deck and Vichy shower room.  

If you are coming on your own, you will have your own beautiful en-suite room in our private resort.  You can also come as a couple or with a friend.  

Our clients are typically those who have been affected by severe depression, anxiety, loss, burn-out, stress, trauma, insomnia, addiction, and other mental health challenges.  Our physical experts complete the holistic care, offering resolution from chronic/long-term pain, help with post-operative rehabilitation, physical restriction, arthritis and more...

Our mission is to provide the absolute best clinical care and specialized therapies available and deliver customized care in an atmosphere that is highly effective and productive, delivering sustainable results and a comprehensive aftercare support package.

When booking, you will have a telephone consultation with retreat creator Lilly Wickham to confirm suitability, after which your all-inclusive bespoke package to meet your needs and goals will be confirmed to you.  There's more information about the admission process here

New for 2020

'Go & Tell'

An extended retreat experience designed for deep rooted issues

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