Step back from life and connect with happiness

The search for clarity in our lives is a constant challenge, and we are often filled with anxiety, lack of belief & low mood.

Our six-day holistic health retreat on the amazing Algarve coastline will be the experience you need to overcome upset, negativity and find positive direction for a more fulfilled future.

Our health retreats are tailored to each individual 'retreater' (typically a maximum of ten per retreat). 
You will receive a pre-retreat telephone consultation with Lilly to make sure your goals & wishes are paramount within your program.

Everyone experiences life differently, so why should your healing be any different?

At the heart of our programme is the belief that you deserve happiness, calm & fulfilment, but sometimes trauma, events, old habits & memories can prevent you from reaching & maintaining that peace of mind. 

Our programs are a personal therapeutic journey as well as a technology & toxin detox, allowing you time to immerse yourself in a health recovery program that concentrates on you, together with the expertise we offer to help, heal & transform your way of being.

The full schedule includes mind modelling classes, body balancing techniques, breathing for health workshops, energy flow techniques, yoga, afternoon tai chi, evening meditation, organic whole foods, complementary treatments plus one-to-one consultations with our emotional & physical health care professionals.

Our retreats have the power to cleanse your mind of hurt, upset, distractions & unwanted mind chatter, whilst focusing you on a strong personal mindset & energetic physical wellbeing that sparks difference, healing & hope for better times.

The program we create for you not only gives you help through what you are experiencing now, but also the tools & support you need to continue your development after the retreat.

Hope, strength & the will to be different - join us!

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Each individual retreat is designed from scratch to meet the needs, goals and abilities of the small group attending.  You are not expected to try and adapt to a pre-defined program - our program, from the moment we meet you at the airport to the moment we drop you back and everything in between is designed around you. 

It's how we consistently deliver transformational results that last.  It's true, we change lives - we get you past obstacles where other methods have failed and help you achieve the life you have wanted for so long.

The atmosphere is calm and, whilst there is a full program written for you, there is also a good balance of time for you to soak up the sun, swim in the pool, use the gym, sauna, jacuzzi or dance studio.  It's your opportunity to reset your senses and learn techniques to maintain your newfound ability to think, act and behave the way you know you want to be for better health. 

Our retreats have been described as 'intense yet relaxing', 'life-changing', 'supportive', 'informing', 'essential', 'kind, loving and calm'.  We include all of the elements we need in our lives for a happier & healthier existence.  Life is tough at times and we need the tools to rebound & rediscover ourselves after adversity.

Expect energy flow classes, psychoeducation, nutritional information, the latest in brain science techniques, universal life tools, breathing for life, hands on expertise with your troubles & concerns and a strong element of laughter, light & fun to coax our behaviours through our minds into a habit.

Whilst we have been providing clinical care since 2000, we launched our leading holistic health retreats in 2014 as the benefits were evident and identified to someone's reset response, neuroplasticity & ability to rebound after an intensive wellbeing program.  The idea of being away from your life with all its prompts & triggers & to be able to concentrate on you is highly effective and healing.  It is a chance to build new neural pathways & belief systems, leading to better reactions, changed feelings, improved bodily responses and a realistic sense of being able to cope with life's challenges.

A Life Right Retreat is the effective answer if you are experiencing anxiety, addiction, depression, grief, trauma, post op issues, fertility concerns, sleep problems, burnout, headaches/migraines, weight issues, PTSD, insomnia or long term pain. Holistic care from experts in psychological, physical & emotional practices.

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Our large private resort gives you the space yet privacy to change.  Each retreater has their own private en-suite air-conditioned room and full access to the resort facilities including heated swimming pool, large sauna, professional jacuzzi, large gym, fitness/dance/yoga studio, hammocks, games area and plenty of sun loungers to soak up the Portuguese sunshine.

We create your own all-inclusive package, book your flights and are there personally to meet you when you arrive at the airport.  Our team are always on hand to help you throughout your journey.  Take a look at our testimonials to see what other guests thought of their Life Right Retreat experience.


This retreat is ideal if you are experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, burnout, exhaustion, jaw/face & neck pain, digestive concerns, bowel issues, weight problems, migrainse, insomnia/poor sleep, disability, post-op rehab/recovery or long-term pain

04 - 09 APRIL


Private Resort, Algarve, Portugal


14 - 19 MAY


Private Resort, Algarve, Portugal


18 - 23 SEPT


Private Resort, Algarve, Portugal


11 - 16 OCT


Private Resort, Algarve, Portugal


Sarah, Hampshire

An Unbelievable Experience
"If someone had told me you could achieve such a dramatic difference in just 6 days, I would not have believed them.  Having just been on a Life Right Retreat, I can tell you it is definitely possible!

I feel renewed, all of my stress and anxiety has gone and I think EVERYONE should experience this for themselves.  If it changes nothing else, at least it will change your life"

A typical day

As you will have read, our days are created to meet the needs of those attending, however here is an example of how the day might be structured:

07:45:  Morning yoga class
09:00:  Healthy breakfast
09:45:  Mind Modelling Workshop
12:00:  Energy Flow activity
13:00:  Healthy Lunch
13:40:  Body Balancing workshop
14:40:  'Work On Me' 1:1 sessions, spa etc
17:40:  Tai Chi class
18:40:  Healthy Dinner
19:30:  Mind & Body Modelling Workshop
20:45:  Meditation session
21:30:  End of the day  

*some days of the week we will embrace overnight fasting & use a 10-hour eating window.  This has proven in recent studies to be safe & efficacious with metabolic syndrome.







A brand new you and a chance to get your