Within this contract/terms, any person or persons booking a place on a Life Right retreat are hereafter shown as ‘The Client’.  Life Right UK Limited is the company providing the service and they are hereafter referred to as ‘The Company’.

1.1. All bookings will be regarded as provisional until Life Right UK Limited (hereafter referred to as The Company) receives the completed ‘PAD’ form and deposit payment.

1.2. The Company does not sell or offer for sale any “packages” or act as an “organiser” within the meaning of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

1.3. All participants must be over 21 unless by special exception and when accompanied at all times by an adult, who will remain responsible for the person.

Payment Terms

2.1. A non-refundable deposit of £250 or 25% of the retreat price (unless otherwise specified) is requested to secure your place. The outstanding balance is due 6 weeks prior to the start of the Retreat. If you are making the booking less than 60 days before the start date, payment in full is required at the time of booking. There is no charge for payments made in cash, by bank transfer or debit card. A 1.75% commission will be applied to credit card payments.

2.2. Until payment is received the booking will not be secure and the Company may, at its sole discretion, offer the Retreat place to another client. In such an instance, The Company shall not be liable for any loss incurred.

2.3. In the event of The Company invoking clause 2.2 it will use its best endeavours to notify by email or telephone at least 24 hours in advance of its intention to offer the place to another client.

2.4. In the event of The Company offering an alternative to this Agreement that allows staged payments to be made by the Client, in the event of any payment being received late or failing to be made, the Client’s place(s) on the Retreat will be forfeited and any monies paid up to that point will not be refundable.

Supply of Services

3.1. Supply of services offered at the Company is based on compliance with dates, location and other information contained within this Agreement.

3.2. The Company will accept no liability for any loss incurred by the late arrival or non-attendance at a Life Right Retreat. In such an instance, The Client will not be entitled to any refund in part or full.

3.3 If The Client causes danger or damage to any person or item, threatens the wellbeing, safety and health of any other Client, employee or property, or acts in what is considered to be a disruptive manner (including not participating in elements of the Retreat Programme), The Company and any of its employees or sub-contractors may at their discretion have the Client immediately removed from the Retreat without refund or recourse. The Company will have no liability to the Client in such circumstances and will not be liable for any costs incurred. Any costs incurred in removing this person will be charged to the same.  In such an instance, the Client will be liable for:

3.3.1. Administration costs
3.3.2. Additional travel costs
3.3.3. Pre-booked treatments or therapies with the Retreat team
3.3.4. Any damage caused to property, possessions or equipment
3.4 The Company reserves the right to modify or suspend the activities included in the Retreat and provision of Retreats, if in the opinion of the Company or its representative there are factors including, but not limited to, the Client’s physical ability which makes continuation unacceptable.

3.5 The Company makes every effort possible to reflect accurately its Services on the Company website and any related marketing materials. However, at times it may be necessary for the Company to amend any part of the Retreat or Services provided.  The Client will not be entitled to any refund in such an instance

3.6 In the event of any offer or discount being made, this only applies to the core cost of the Retreat package and does not apply to travel, transfers, additional services or upgrades, treatments, merchandise, downloads or the like unless specifically stated.

3.7 The optional ‘Travel Concierge’ service books your travel arrangements based on the information received and the prices available at the time of booking. Whilst we will endeavour to do all we can to get you to the retreat with the minimum of disruption, The Company is not liable for any delays or additional costs due to late running, suspension or cancellation of any element of the services provided within the Travel Concierge. If a client misses a flight, train or connection then the client is liable for any additional costs in getting them to the retreat.  If this is due to a third party’s actions, you are advised to seek compensation via your travel insurer.

3.8 If a client opts to book their own flights & travel, they are responsible for being at the airport at the agreed time prior to the departure of the provided transfers.  If a client does not arrive by this time, they will be responsible for sourcing and paying for alternative transportation.  In such an event, the Company will not be liable for any claim of refund in part or full for any travel costs nor missed elements of the retreat program.

Cancellation / Postponement Charges

4.1. If a cancellation of any confirmed booking is received by the Company more than 6 weeks prior to those confirmed dates for delivery of Services at a Life Right Retreat, the non-refundable deposit will be retained.

4.2. If a cancellation of any confirmed date(s) is received 6 weeks or less prior to those confirmed dates for the delivery of Services at a Life Right Retreat, the Client will be liable for 100% of the fees quoted (excluding treatments) plus an administration fee of £99.

4.3. If rearrangement of any confirmed date(s) is agreed between 6 weeks – 4 weeks prior to those confirmed dates, the client will be liable to an administration charge of £295 + VAT per place, per Retreat + the original non-refundable deposit. Rebooking must occur within 21 days of the original booking or cancellation charges (see 4.1 or 4.2 above) will apply.

4.4. Any cancellation or alteration of Retreat dates must be confirmed by letter or email.

4.5. The Company reserves the right in unavoidable circumstances (including 'force majeure') to cancel or postpone any Retreat but will always endeavour to fulfil their commitments. In the event of the Company being unable to run any Retreat, the Client will be given at least 24 hours notice of that fact and the Company will accept no liability for any loss incurred by the Client.  In the event of it being impossible to run the Retreat though Force Majeure or Act of God or any other instance out of the control of The Company, The Client’s place will be applicable on the rescheduled date.  If The Client is not available on the rescheduled date, The Client may book on an alternative date. If the alternative date booked is of a lesser financial value, The Company will refund the difference. Any place can only be rescheduled once.

4.6.  When booking a clinical appointment, any cancellation of a pre-paid initial appointment is subject to a cancellation fee of 7%.  This is to cover the costs of payment processing and refunding of the payment where agreed.

Privacy Policy

5.  The Company takes your privacy seriously. We will never sell, rent or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless you give The Company express written permission to share information with a nominated health professional.

Maintaining Calm

6.1. Our Retreats offer tranquility, calm and an opportunity to regain inner peace and for that reason, we do not permit laptops, computers or mobile phones on our Retreats.  All such devices will be looked after for your retreat duration and returned when you are dropped at the airport/port/station.

6.2. In an exceptional event where a Client is permitted temporary use of a mobile phone, it must be used in an area away from other clients. This will be one of our phones.

6.3 Clients may not play music in any part of the property (unless using headphones)

6.4. Your programme may include elements where complete silence is required. During these times, Clients agree to strictly uphold this. Clients will be asked to leave the programme if they do not comply with this requirement.

6.5. Once retiring to your room, Clients are expected to maintain peace and calm and not doing anything that might disturb other Clients within the venue.  This includes going to other Clients' rooms after the 'end of the day'.  Breach of this may result in your programme being terminated and the Client being asked to leave the Retreat.

6.6. The Client accepts that their luggage and property will be searched upon arrival and any items such as food, alcohol and electronic devices will be confiscated and held until the Client leaves the retreat. Alcohol will not be returned).  The Company reserves the right to withhold medication if it is of the opinion that the distribution of this needs to be regulated for the client’s wellbeing.

6.7. As we strive to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment, any Client who is seen or heard to be aggressive, disparaging or critical of another Client or member of staff will be asked to leave immediately with no financial recourse.  The Client will be responsible for any additional costs as a result.  The Client also accepts that any treatment appointments they have booked which are not able to be reallocated to other Clients will be their responsibility and their payment card will be charged accordingly.


7.1 All clients agree under the terms and conditions that any damage caused will be the responsibility of the person causing the damage and as such, will be charged to have this repaired. Clients must report any damage to The Company at their earliest opportunity.


8.1 Any offer is exclusive to the Client to which it is offered and may not be transferred.

8.2 Any offer may only be used once and on its own. Offers may not be combined with other offers of any kind.


9.1 The Website may feature images from different Life Right Wellbeing Retreat locations unless otherwise stated. The exact specification of the retreat is detailed on the individual retreat date page and booking form.

9.2 Errors and omissions excluded. If you see an error on the website, please report it to The Webmaster. The Company is not liable for any losses based on any website error. The Company strives to ensure all content is accurate and current wherever possible but errors and omissions are excluded.  The website is maintained by a third party company.

9.3 Rates quoted on our website are for the core Retreat elements and do not include travel or treatments unless specifically stated

Client Safety

10.1 We take the safety of all those attending very seriously. Clients will need to undertake an assessment prior to commencing and agree to participate entirely at their own risk. Clients agree to comply with all safety instructions and requirements at all times. Failing to do so will render the Client liable for any injury or loss as a result. Each client must complete a ‘pre-arrival declaration’ form before being accepted on any retreat.


11.1 Clients are advised to avoid bringing valuables onto a Retreat. The Company strongly discourages Clients from bringing any electronic devices onto the Retreat and Clients should note that laptops should not be brought onto a Retreat.  Rooms do not have a safe.
The Company is not responsible for any losses whilst on the Retreat


12.1 Clients are required to hold standard travel insurance for the period they are on the Retreat.

Flights and Transfers

13.1 A retreat place is exclusive of flights or travel.  You may however ask we book these on your behalf for the sake of ease.  If you prefer to book these yourself, you must book on specified flights to ensure you arrive in time for the connecting shuttle and the start of the retreat.  If you request we book these for you, the cost of flights and transfers is payable at the time of booking and will be charged in addition to any deposit paid, together with an administrative fee of £49.

13.2 The Company does not offer travel getting to/from the airport in the UK.  We ask that you ensure you leave plenty of time after arrival so you do not miss your flight

13.3 If you miss a flight or a connection, you should advise the Company immediately via the number provided to you on your booking details.  The Company will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred in getting you to/from the Retreat.

13.4 The Company will provide return transfers in the Algarve at a cost of £50.  If you miss the pre-arranged transfer, you will need to source your own to the retreat.

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