Why Travel to The Algarve for Holistic Treatment?

With local treatment options available, you might be wondering whether travelling to The Algarve for treatment on a Life Right Retreat is worthwhile.

You may not realise but: removing yourself from your environment and seeking treatment in an unfamiliar one on a residential basis, rather than sporadic day care will dramatically improve both your transformation and sustainability of the change to your psychological & physical health. 

Here are a few reasons why choosing a Life Right residential program is the best choice for you.

The Benefits of Residential

From the moment you get on the plane, you are leaving behind what you want to change, giving you a powerful opportunity for transformation – and treatment requires you to transform.  You will also see not just a greater impact with each consultation, but, when you don't have to return to the daily grind & the environment where what you are experiencing thrives, you can build up both resilience and coping mechanisms to stay strong and maintain change.

Here are a few more reasons why being away from home for treatment can make all the difference:

  • Change of scenery – Travelling to pursue healing generates enthusiasm for your life in recovery – and belief in new possibilities.


  • Breathing room – By taking yourself out of your day-to-day life and away from all of your commitments, you’re able to fully immerse yourself in your bespoke program – which improves your results.  Unlike others, our Residential retreats offer a maximum of just 12 places.  This not only means we can offer 1:1 care and support, but it can mean places are booked up quickly when dates are  announced.


  • Privacy – Leaving home for treatment protects your confidentiality by giving you an additional layer of privacy. No one needs to know you’re here – and that knowledge will give you peace of mind. This is especially important if you have a high public profile, or if your family is socially or politically prominent.


  • Non-judgment – The retreat environment is non-judgemental & you will find the people who started as strangers will support you on your journey, without knowing anything about your reasons for attending.


Why a Life Right Residential Program is Your Best Choice for Change

Here are just a few of the reasons why Life Right is the best choice for residential retreat programs:

  • Tranquility – The Algarve, a sought-after vacation destination, is beautiful.  Our retreat venue is secluded & completely private, yet our excursions and walks take in beautiful countryside, nature reserves and unspoilt beaches too.


  • Quality – We strive to deliver the highest standards & service, together with expert practitioners who are consistently rated as 'outstanding'.


  • Savings – We know there isn't a comparable holistic retreat that offers the same expertise & results, but we do know you’ll pay considerably less on a Life Right residential retreat than many other retreats with a lesser program & lesser qualified practitioners.  The rates make a Life Right residential program accessible to more people.


  • Professionalism – Our accredited clinical team offer round the clock support and some of the very best psychological & physical rehabilitation and transformational treatment in the world.


  • Environment –Located in the hills in Southern Algarve, our exclusive spa resort boasts ultimate privacy, superb comfortable private en-suite accommodation, swimming pool with retractable roof, sauna, gym, studio, treatment rooms, Vichy shower, games area, poolside dining area and quiet sunbathing areas for contemplation, relaxation & clarity.


  • Making changes – The goal of each bespoke retreat place is to make changes, in how you feel, how you look, how you see yourself & how your future can be different.  The expert practitioners can desensitise past traumas, transforming your life from emotional drowning to complete empowerment.


  • Healthy, Nutritious Great Tasting Food – Another benefit of being based in the Algarve is the abundance of fresh organic produce.  Our resort also has it's own large allotment on which much of the vegetables we eat are grown.  Our resident chef Debbie buys fresh food daily from farmers markets and fish is purchased within hours of having been brought back to shore.  All recipes are created by Life Right Residential Retreat creator Lilly Wickham to both cleanse your entire digestive system and, through your own bespoke meal plan, achieve your desired program goals.


  • Fun & fulfillment – Our entire program combines fun with learning & issue resolution. Each element is planned & programmed to help you achieve your goals.  This is one of the reasons why the final 'running order' is not decided upon until the last person has secured their place.


  • Compassion – Our team not only offer some of the very best psychological and physical treatment and care, they are also compassionate.  Yes there will be tears along the way but far more when accompanied with laughter and joy by the end.


  • Convenience – Despite being miles from home, getting here is simplistic & easy, as we book everything for you, flying in you into the Algarve and personally taking you to the retreat.  We're only 30 minutes from the airport.  In many cases, it is quicker to get to our retreat in the Algarve than it is getting to our UK based retreats using the UK's public transport system.

What’s more, your treatment doesn’t end when you leave our Retreat – we provide you with extensive aftercare support and priority access to online support, Facetime/Skype consultations. You get free access to online resources including Lilly's nutritious gluten-free recipes and the support of your fellow retreaters via the WhatsApp group.  You can also join in with video meetings and reunions and regular online assessments track your ongoing progress.

Find out how a Life Right Residential Retreat program can help transform your lifeView our retreats on which we have available places and secure your place.